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Original Gangster Ice T Gets Arrested For Not Wearing Seatbelt!!!

He might’ve gotten away with murder before (haha), but these days OG Ice T can’t get away with not wearing his seatbelt! But I’ll just let him tell you about it, via his Twitter:

Some punk bitch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullshit career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt..
8 minutes ago via TweetDeck

You may also be interested in noting that the NYC officer, who reportedly said to Ice T, “I know who you are and I don’t give a f*ck!,” claims that the ‘Cop Killer‘ rapper was arrested for more than not wearing his seatbelt, he was also driving on a suspended license (Iceberg begs to differ.). Wow, well if the cop’s gonna be that way why didn’t he just taser his azz too???

OG Ice T is not above the law... the seatbelt law.


New dance mix on Submezzo Dance Radio!!!

Waddup party people!!! If this summer hasn’t made u hot yet, this mix ought to do the trick!!!

Just added fresh Uffie, Florence and The Machine, Count & Sinden, Eagles of Death Metal remixes to my internet radio station, Submezzo Dance Radio. Turn it on, turn it up and let’s gooooo!!!!

♥, DJ Chiclet

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Chris Brown’s tears are lie tellin’… According to source

If you believe what US Weekly and its sources have to say, then you’ll definitely want to hear how they’re claiming that Chris Brown‘s emotional breakdown at the BET‘s during his Michael Jackson tribute, was about as real as Michael Jackson’s nose. Which means not, in case you’ve been living on a different planet.

The reported source told US Weekly that Brown had some special tear inducing eye drops inserted right before his performance, thus making his teary breakdown believable for television audiences. For the record, Brown’s reps categorically deny this.

Well, if the tribute to MJ didn’t make Brown cry I’m sure the cancellation of his UK tour will.

If you missed Brown’s teary tribute, check it below. The waterworks start around 4:40.

Is Kid Cudi the New Naomi Campbell?

With supermodel Naomi Campbell recently stepping down as World Chief of Aggro Cellphone Chuckers, the role was filled by none other than rapper Kid Cudi, this past weekend. Word has it that the ‘Day ‘n’ Night‘ hitmaker Kid Cudi got super tanked, triggering him to attack an innocent cell phone, in which he smashed it to bits, and rip a door off it’s hinges! The rapper, who police found was in possession of a mystery substance in a vial, is said to have been at a woman’s Chelsea apartment in the wee hours on Friday when his inner Naomi Campbell came out. He was arrested and charged with possession and felony mischief.

I wonder if these are the types of ‘Memories‘ he’s referring to in his hit with David Guetta?

Lady Gaga Alarms Airport Security

Lady Gaga is said to love studded leather fashion.

So Lady Gaga‘s outfits aren’t just alarming to your parents, they’re also alarming to airport security, literally. Rumor has it that Gaga was stopped by London’s Heathrow airport security this past weekend, after her metal-studded outfit set off alarms as she passed through the screening gates. Gaga’s said to have undergone a search until security realized it was her outfit’s studded accoutrements which triggered the alarms. She was then sent on her way.

Download Yeezy’s New Tune ‘Power’…

Kanye West‘s new track is called ‘Power.’ Download it here and weigh in on this survey:

Hold on to your mics, Kanye’s back!

Time to hide your Sennheisers, Shures, SM57s, and 58s, because Kanye West is back and he’s gonna want that mic! Now imma let him finish but first I have to tell you that according to Gatecrasher Kanye West debuted his new album this past weekend at a NYC nightclub after asking the dj to play four tracks off a cd. Asking!!! Asking?!!? Kanye??? We all know that Yeezy does not ask he just does, so what I really think they meant to say was that Kanye marched straight into the club, pulled the dj out of the booth, put his cd in, and hit play. And if you even thought for a second that the whole mic grabbing debacle with Taylor Swift at the VMAs, which left Kanye branded as a jackass by President Obama, humbled Weezy at all, you should know his new album is called ‘Good Ass Job.’ Pfft! He should really call it ‘Smug as F^<k.’

Kanye West is gonna want that mic!